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A Our own creations

Kaikoura Mirrors, candleholders, sculptures, wall- sculptures, paintings, prints and jewellery.
 1 Gold Art
Made from timber (MDF) - painted of a solid 6- 8 coats of gesso/ terracotta base and then gilt on top - using genuine gold leaf. The gold is partly polished with an agate. Depending on the * gilder's preferences and the work in process, different ingredients are used for the application of a patina - achieving the stunning piece of art. - Kaikoura Mirrors, candleholders, sculptures, wall- sculptures.
*The entire gilding process is done by Brigitte a professional gilder/ tutor by trade with over 30 years experience.
 2 Paintings
Most of Walter's paintings are "Cut out's" an unusual technique using a Stanley knife. The medium is acrylic (spray cans) - at present all are gilt exclusively using genuine gold- leaf. Acid free - conservation framing. Measurements include matt board.

Brigitte's "Behind Glass" paintings are very popular also..
 3 Prints
If you are looking for something not to expensive, but still a bit special, Walter created these paintings. A limited edition of between 20 and 200 prints are then produced and sell for NZ$ 25 each - GST incl. Print size = 30cm x 42cm. Postage overseas NZ$ 20.-
 4 BK- Jewellery
Brigitte creates jewellery predominantly with natural treasures found here in the region on the beach such as Paua, shell, wood and stones. During the winter she creates wonderful pieces of enamel jewellery.
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