Art and Design Gallery

As artists, and Brigitte a gilder by trade also, we create a wide range of artworks for the interior living area, especially wall decor. Paintings, sculptures, our famous and exclusive "Kaikoura mirrors," candleholders, wall- sculptures, etc. These are mostly gilt in genuine gold-leaf (12- 22 carat) and of contemporary design. The Pacific rim, including the natural environment in New Zealand, has a great influence on us the longer we live here. Immigrated from Switzerland with a sense of a rather formal, purely straight, rectangular and edged design attitude, the transformation of most of our creations over time is obvious. New shapes, vibrant, strong colours, but warm, soft and rather rounded shaped are predominate today. Our thoughts are also our vision, to inspire people with our artworks to live in harmony with nature, so they can live in harmony with their own environment and them selves. We think living with artworks together is important to please and make people happy.

Paintings and Prints

All original paintings and Brigitte's "Behind Glass" paintings are exported all over the world and for many collectors of art.

If you are looking for something not too expensive, but still unique, I (Walter) create these whimsical, funny and humorous paintings. A limited edition of between 20 and 200 prints are then issued. One can purchase the prints for NZ$ 25.- each - GST incl. Print size = 30cm x 42cm. Postage overseas NZ$ 20.-

My collages are a more serious approach of expressing my thoughts. These prints reflect on the current more and more worrying situation worldwide. Never in the entire history of humanity are we closer of destroying our planet. I hope with my creations to make people to understand, live in harmony with nature, animals, plants. building and a peaceful relationships with neighbours other cultures and ourselves. As one of many artists, I feel I have an obligation and a great opportunity to make other people aware of this.
These collage prints cost NZ$ 30 - GST incl. per print.


All Original artworks are reflecting our visons and the beauty of our environment. Many of the famous, collectable "Kaikoura Mirrors' are decorating houses here in New Zealand and all over the world.

Glass Art

Natural glass has existed since the beginnings of time, formed when certain types of rocks melt as a result of high-temperature phenomena such as volcanic eruptions. The creation of glass art always fascinates people. Brigitte and Walter have been collecting glass art for many years. In the gallery are glass art pieces on diplay - collected from all over the world. These pieces are for sale.

Die Casts models - for big boys . . .

Next to an interesting selection of Glass Art (mostly paperweights) and exclusive jewellery for the ladies, a collection of "Die Casts" car models mostly 1:18 scale for the big boys is displayed and for sale in our show- cabinets. These are rather beautiful crafted older models.


Watch the Gilding process demonstration by Brigitte, a gilder by trade and tutor. An interesting demonstration tour for groups 6- 30 people (NZ$ 15.- p/p  NZ$ 100.- for groups) takes about 30 - 45 minutes. Brigitte explains the history of gilding and demonstrates the entire gilding process on a picture- frame using genuine gold- leaf.

For more information, sizes and prices, please contact us or go to our Catalogue